View of the Vatican during one of the meetings at Protocol International's recent business trip to Rome
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View of the Vatican during one of the meetings at Protocol International's recent business trip to Rome

We are growing: who is our new Executive Assistant?

Who is Sofia Moratti?

A young professional. A political science student. An Italian living abroad. And now I can add to that list: the executive assistant of Protocol International.

If you had asked me what protocol was two years ago, I would have looked at you perplexed not knowing how to answer. But lately, I've had to explain it to nearly everyone who asks about my professional life. Like many new passions or interests in life, my journey into the field of protocol began unexpectedly.

The pivotal moment was when my university, The Hague University of Applied Science, sent out an email inviting students to volunteer for the 2022 "Invictus Games" in The Hague. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but I was eager to create more memories in a country and city that were slowly becoming my second home. Following a selection process, I was selected as one of 40 protocol liaison officers and that was the moment I first got to know Partners Mark and Maryse, who were the Directors of Protocol at that sports event. They provided a thorough two-day training programme to familiarize us volunteers with the nuances of international protocol.

I was assigned to work with the delegation of South Korea, collaborating directly with their ambassador and their athletes. Immersed within Team Korea, I distinctly remember a moment that perfectly shows their exceptional hospitality and team spirit. Picture this: amidst a language barrier, they invited me to join them for lunch, passing around plates of delicious kimbap and kimchi. It was a small gesture that immediately made me feel part of the group, and left a lasting impression on me. The positive impact was so profound that when the opportunity came, about a year later, to live a month in South Korea attending the "University of Seoul Summer School," I pursued it. From initially knowing very little about the country and its culture, I am now able to read Korean characters and have an understanding and admiration for their traditions.

Fast forward to 1.5 week ago, I found myself sharing this interconnected series of opportunities and experiences with Partners Mark and Maryse during a taxi ride back to our hotel in Rome after a 7-hour work meeting. I told them about how one opportunity led seamlessly to another, eventually leading me to become part of this team. During our business trip, amongst other appointments, we had a productive meeting with the Italian Military to talk about possible future trainings, and we progressed in collaborating with a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. I was reminded of the impactful work I am fortunate to be a part of by seeing the original medal on display.

So far, each project at Protocol International has provided me with the chance to refine my skills, broaden my horizons, and apply what I'm studying daily at university to real-life situations. Additionally, it is a first step towards realizing my aspirations to one day work in EU diplomacy.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this dynamic and international team, and await with excitement to contribute to the projects lined up for the coming months and years!

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