End of year review 2022 - 2023
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End of year review 2022 - 2023

End of Year Reflection

I was thinking for a while what to single out for this blog as so many things happened this year.

First of all, COVID regulations were eased in most places of the world and at last, we could start travelling again without restrictions. We did our best to get back on track. Nevertheless, I think COVID has changed our lives and some of those changes are here to stay.

Remote working may be the new normal, which provides for a more balanced life. However, it is important to get up, get dressed and have a routine. Just think of all those funny TV commercials about people getting dressed from waist up while working from home. Although COVID allowed for a more relaxed dress code, I believe that one’s attitude is affected by what we wear.

Partially as a result of COVID, we had fast technological advances, or – as I can see – even an AI revolution. It is important to embrace technology for a more efficient life style but I would go for hybrid in the sense to keep the personal touch. Digitalization is not a jolly joker solution for everything. I am convinced that in our 21st century we require human skills, interaction and dialogue more than ever in order to overcome the challenges around us.

It seems to me though that at many parts of the world there were more challenges that one could endure: still lots of lives lost to COVID, lots of people faced serious health issues, lots of people lost their jobs, while prices are now skyrocketing everywhere due to the energy crisis in Europe.

On top of all this, the war is still ongoing in Ukraine and it is not the only armed conflict around the world, unfortunately. I saw earlier for many years how tactics had a negative mark on many efforts. Sometimes we should be able to step over our pride or the false explanation of optics and just take the courage to dare to sit down and negotiate. Maybe a brave and powerful woman should come forward with such an initiative. No matter who initiates the negotiations. Just do it. I am pretty sure it is a cheaper and more humane option than to pour billions of tax payer’s money into weapons and continue killing people as it is not just one side killing but the other one too. Lives should matter the most.

There is a lot of work to do for all of us to ensure that the world too, could get back on track. Generally speaking, at the end of the year, we all wish our loved ones, friends and family happiness and prosperity for the New Year. For the world, this „get back on track” could mean the faster implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals which is only possible if there is peace everywhere.Then world leaders could focus more on those areas of the world where there is a need for help and assistance, to build a better world for the next generations to come.

Therefore, I would indeed like to wish us, the citizens of our world, peace first of all, real peace, jobs and job security, prosperity and better health for everyone in 2023 to be able to look into the future with optimism. Because this is what we need the most, to firmly believe that this coming year will be better for all of us. If we work together, if we support each other, then surely we will succeed. Remember that protocol officers are the guardians of civility, empathy and proper decorum who are there to help you and to make you comfortable in any circumstances. Let us all have a wonderful New Year where all our wishes come true!

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