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June 18, 2019

One-day training course in International Protocol and Business Etiquette in The Hague, the Netherlands, 18 June 2019.


Registrations can be made until the 24th of May 2019 via the attached Application form.

A minimum of eight participants is required.  

Confirmation of the course will be communicated by email.

The admission fee will amount € 500.- (21% VAT included) and will cover the following expenses:

·     Coffee, tea and luncheon.

·     Signed copy of the book ”An Experts’ Guide to International Protocol”.

·     Certificate of attendance.

The admission fee or a pre-payment of 30% needs to be paid after confirmation before the 24th of May 2019.


18 June 2019

08.30-09.00     Registration& coffee

09.00-09.15    Opening remarks: Introduction by Gilbert Monod de Froideville, Director of Protocol International

and Baroness Nahnya van Voorst tot Voorst, Master Trainer. She is the expert in social and business etiquette and has more than fifteen years experience.

09.15-10.30    Introduction to protocol by Gilbert Monod

 ·     Introduction

·     Protocol versus etiquette

·     Etiquette and its history

·     Protocol and its history

·     The role of protocol in the private and public sector

·     Protocol and cultural differences

10.30-10.45    Break

10.45-12.15   Order of Precedence and the Applications of Protocol

 ·     Introduction and history

·     What is an order of precedence? How is the order of precedence set at an international      organisation or corporation?

·     Comparison of countries around the world

·     Applications of protocol

·     Seating arrangements: lunch/dinner or at ceremonies

·     Greeting procedures, processions, receptions and cortèges

·     Various facts, trivia, and guidelines

Participants will learn to define an order of precedence, its usage and importance as a protocol tool, how to determine precedence of individuals, Heads of State, Diplomatic

Missions, representatives of the business sector, visitors, country flags and how to apply it to seating strategies.

12.15-13.30    Lunch

 13.30-15.30 Etiquette and Good Manners (part 1) by Nahnya van Voorst.

 Participants acquire insight into current business manners and usage.After completion of this training, the participants will be able to recognise the importance and usefulness of manners in their work and social environment. They will be fully able to implement the rules in daily life.

 ·     Introduction

·      What is etiquette, what are good manners?

·      The importance and practical usefulness of good manners

·      International etiquette.

 'How to behave when meeting with a relationship or guest?’

 A. Receiving and visiting:

·      How to prepare yourself

·      Greetings and forms of address

·      How to introduce yourself and your guest?

 15.30-15.45 Break

 15.45-17.15 Etiquette and Good Manners (part 2)

 B. The meeting

 From the reception to the meeting room

·      Attitude / posture

·      Small talk

·      Serving Tea / coffee

·      Dos & don’ts at the meeting

·      Business cards

 C. Ending the visit

 ·      Closure of the meeting

·      Cloakroom

·      Departure and farewell

 17.15 Presentation of certificates followed by drinks.

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