Consultancy for public & private sectors

Whether in need of a ceremony or event organization, gift exchange or stationary preparation, we offer consultancy services, in the subjects below.

Events organisation, evaluation and consultation


  1. Organisation of events and and ceremonies
  2. Organisation of international conferences
  3. Preparation of state and official visits
  4. Advance strategies
  5. Stationery
  6. Presentation of credentials
  7. Military ceremonies
  8. Wreath-laying ceremony
  9. Exchange of state honours and medals
  10. Gift Exchange
  11. The organisation of a state banquet

Protocol & etiquette evaluation and consultation


  1. Issues of international protocol
  2. Intercultural communication
  3. Influence and lobbying
  4. Public diplomacy and media
  5. Strategic networking
  6. Stationary
  7. Seating arrangements